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The Popple 13 Nov, 2019 06:20 74256 20

Let's Get To Know About Some Illogical Fallacies Used By People Just To Win An Argument

Be aware now!

Fallacies are basically a wrong belief based on an invalid argument. And we come across many people who use these fallacies to prove someone wrong or to win an argument in general. 

And most of the time these fallacies are so stupid, that they turn a reasonable discussion into a childish argument. There are some common fallacies that people usually tend to use, to win an argument or prove someone wrong. 

Just to mention, can you imagine the guts of these people. They know they are wrong, and they know they don't have a valid argument either, but still they go on. 

For now let's see what these fallacies are. And the next time someone tries to use them against you, you will know when to move out of the discussion because that won't be worth your time then.